Class Policies


You must be paid and registered to reserve a space in class. Registration may be done online at or during Open Studio time.


6 Week Adult Pottery Class Tuition includes: 25 pounds of clay, bisque firing, glaze firing and 6 hours of free open studio time valid only during the current enrolled session. Students who wish to use one of our Premium Clays will be charged an additional fee depending on the type of clay chosen.

We do not currently teach weekly Children’s classes. Children under the age of 18 will only be permitted to study in adult classes if they pass a skill level “audition”. Acceptance to the studio after a student audition will be at the instructor or studio director’s discretion based on satisfactory proof of pottery making skills.

We recommend that all first time adult students purchase a basic tool kit for $21.00 + 6% tax ($22.26), however there are many community tools provided in the studio for shared use.


Wear old clothes, no jewelry on wrists or fingers, no long fingernails, no sandals (sneakers or work shoes and long pants are best in the studio). Please bring an apron and/or old hand towel or two with you to class, especially helpful for beginning students. Do not leave dirty aprons or towels in the studio, please take them home to wash.


Park in the lot directly across from the Studio. Use the pedestrian crosswalks at the intersections of East and 2nd Street or East and Church Street for your safety. A parking pass will be issued for each enrolled student and instructor to place on their dashboard for the duration of a given session. Do not park in the spaces designated “120 Minute Parking” if possible. If there is no other space available then you may park in a designated space, just be sure your parking pass is visible.

Studio Etiquette and Expectations

Students are responsible for cleaning any and all classroom tools they may use, including community tools, buckets, bats, wedging tables, extruder and work areas during class and open studio hours. Splash pans should be emptied in the large recycle barrel with screen top and clay pushed through the screen. Buckets to the left of the sinks should be used to pre-wash all tools and splash pans. A final cleaning may be done in the sink. Do not put clay in the sinks or remove the pipes from the drains.

Clean up everything which you have exposed to clay or glaze before you leave the studio. It is not the monitor or instructor’s job to clean up after you!


Pottery that has been improperly glazed will be rejected from firing!

All pots should be waxed on the bottom and ¼” up the sides of the foot before glazing. After glazing, make sure to wipe excess glaze from the entire waxed area. No more than 2 glazes should be applied together on a single piece, and glazes should be applied thinly to avoid bubbling and drips. Students are responsible for making their own drip trays as needed.

Glaze tables, glaze buckets and dollies, and the floor should be cleaned of any glaze spills or residue after glazing. Glaze buckets should be covered immediately after use. All stir sticks and tools should be cleaned and returned to the proper place after use.

Do not photograph, sketch, or copy the work of other students without their permission.

There will be no tolerance for copying a trademark or using copyrighted material. The studio will not fire work that we perceive to be legally owned by another individual, corporation, or organization. If you are making work with marks or logos, please bring a copy of approval from the organization for which you are making the work.

Teachers reserve the right to ask a student to leave if he or she is disruptive or interferes with the safety of others, or does not obey studio rules.

Open Studio Time

Enrolled students receive six (6) hours of Open Studio time with their class, valid for the current session only. Additional hours may be purchased at $3.00 per hour for enrolled students.

Students are expected to clean up everything they use during Open Studio hours.

Non-students who have previously taken classes at the studio may come to Open Studio time for $10.00 per hour. Glazing and firing is not included for non-students and will require an additional charge.

Open Studio may be closed on workshop days, during special events, or when a monitor is not available.

Outside Work

Work made outside of the studio by students or non-students will require a firing fee as outlined below. You must have proof of the firing temperature (cone) of the clay you wish to be fired. No exceptions! Outside work will be processed along with student work that is waiting to be fired.

Enrolled Students:

Bisque fire: $0.01 per cubic inch

Glaze fire: $0.03 per cubic inch

Minimum charge for any piece $.25


Bisque Fire: $0.03 per cubic inch

Glaze fire: $0.05 per cubic inch

Minimum charge for any piece $.50

Procedure for outside work:

All outside work to be fired must be measured and approved by the teacher or monitor on duty. All charges for outside work must be paid in full at the time of drop off.

Picking up Finished Work

Come to the studio during Open Studio or during your class time only. The studio will not be accessible during classes other than your own, or when the studio is closed. Disruptions to other classes, teachers, or workshops will not be tolerated.

Sanding and Dust

Safety glasses and masks should always be worn while sanding your pots. Be careful not to breathe in clay or glaze dust at any time. All sanding must be done in the spray booth or outside, never in the studio. The spray booth must be wiped clean after sanding. Clay and glaze dust and debris should be cleaned with a damp sponge or mop. Sweeping will kick up particles into the air and will not be tolerated.

Spray Booth Safety

The spray booth may not be used for glazing without proper training and the permission of your instructor.

Anyone using the spray booth must wear a NIOSH approved respirator that can be obtained at most hardware stores. These respirators should not be shared. The fan must be on when using the spray booth, and turned off immediately after cleaning the booth. Spray booth, spray guns, and canisters must be thoroughly cleaned with water after you are finished spraying your work. Compressor must be turned off and unplugged after use. Anyone who uses the spray booth and does not clean it or the equipment after spraying will not be allowed to spray their work.

Kiln Safety

Students should always be aware that multiple kilns are often running in our kiln room. They are very hot and should never be touched. No one, at any time, should ever go near the kilns, take items off of kilns, place items onto kiln tops, or open up the kilns, except the appointed kiln crew in charge of loading and running kilns. We fire as quickly as possible because we pre-dry every pot on top of the kilns to make the firing process more efficient. Large items such as sculptures, platters, and porcelain work are given longer to dry to help ensure that they don’t crack during firing. Please be patient and wait for your pieces to be put on the return shelves in the studio.

Power Tools

Power tools are not allowed in the studio unless an experienced instructor is supervising. Bench grinders, heat guns, and other power tools will not be available to students during Open Studio. It is recommended that you grind or polish your pots with your own equipment at home.

Refund Policy (No Exceptions)

We reserve the right to cancel class if minimum enrollment is not reached. Full tuition will be refunded if the minimum is not reached, or we will work with students to find placement in a same level class.

If a student wishes to cancel registration they must do so 10 days before class begins to receive a full refund of class fee. Absolutely no refunds will be made after class begins.

Makeup classes will be provided in the event of inclement weather cancellations. Please call the Studio at 301-668-2529 for cancellation information. The Studio usually follows the Frederick County, MD School system with regard to closings.

Missed classes are not refundable, however students may make up a missed class by coming into another class at their level on a different day, provided there is space in the class. Please check with the instructor or a Studio Monitor to see if it is possible to go into another class. Missed classes can also be made up with Open Studio time.

We reserve the right to substitute an instructor in the case of sickness, emergency, or teacher scheduling conflict for any single class or session.

Visiting Artist Workshops

Refunds are made only if notice has been received 15 days prior to the start of the workshop. In the event a workshop is cancelled students will receive a full refund.

Unclaimed Bisque Ware or Glazed Finished Work

Pieces will be discarded or donated 30 days after the end of a session.