Which class do I belong in?

Frederick Clay Studio offers classes for every level, whether you are brand new to clay or a seasoned potter! See below for a comprehensive description of each of our class levels.

Beginner/Returning: This class will cover all the basics of learning to throw, trim, and glaze pottery. This class is perfect for complete beginners, students returning to clay after a long hiatus, or potters looking to simply focus on the basics. Most students will stay in a beginner/returning class for multiple sessions until they’ve built a solid foundation of skills.

Intermediate/Returning: This class is for students who can comfortably and repeatedly center and throw a 6" cyclinder. Lessons will include practice of the basics as well as more complicated forms and tend to move at a quicker pace than beginner classes. This class is directed toward a more experienced potter who wishes to challenge and grow their skill set.

Intermediate/Advanced: This class narrows its focus to work with specific forms, techniques, or clay bodies. Students should be proficient in most aspects of pottery making, including throwing, trimming and glazing. This class is directed toward an experienced potter who wishes to challenge and grow their skill set, and focus on perfecting specific forms or ideas.

All Levels: (Handbuilding only) A small class size accommodates all levels of students!

How many pieces can I expect to make in a session?

The number of pieces you make will vary greatly depending on what class you take, how fast you pick up the techniques and the size of pieces you want to make. Generally, a first time student in a beginning wheel class could expect to make between 6-30 pots in their first session! This includes pieces such as cups, bowls, plates, vases and more. Very complex pieces such as a teapot or a dinnerware set will take more time and skill to complete, and may not happen in your first session! Make sure to tell your instructor if you have a specific goal in mind.

Can I come in for Open Studio hours if I haven’t taken a class?

Open studio is only for current or previously enrolled students of Frederick Clay Studio, sorry! Currently enrolled students receive 6 free hours of open studio time with their class, and can purchase additional time for $3/hour. Previously enrolled students can use Open Studio hours at the non-student rate of $10/hour. See our policy guide for more information regarding open studio rates.

Can I sign up my child for classes?

Currently we do not offer classes for children. Students under 16 may interview with the instructor or studio director, who will decide if they would fit comfortably in an adult class. We hope to offer a weekly childrens class in the future- stay tuned!

Do you offer Private Lessons?

We do! Private classes can be scheduled directly by contacting us at info@frederickclaystudio.com. Private lessons are a great option for children, or for adults looking to kick start their pottery skills. Corporate groups and birthday parties are also welcome, up to 10 students!

Do you sell clay or other tools?

We do! We have a number of cone 6 and cone 10 clays available in the studio, as well as a variety of pottery tools. Please call ahead for larger quantities of clay. We do not sell any glazes, glaze chemicals, biqueware, wheels or kilns.

I am an advanced potter, are there any opportunities to work or teach at Frederick Clay Studio?

We love meeting new potters! Please contact us directly at info@frederickclaystudio.com with any questions involving studio technician, workshop presenter, or instructor position opportunities.